Our Story

In 2017, after consulting on an Industrial Hemp Farm and after identifying a large amount of inefficiencies within the market CJ Murphy decided to structure a corporation with the vision of becoming a leader and example in the industry.

Our offices are located in the beautiful City of Durango CO.

Our Approach

Industrial Hemp contains many compounds that have yet to be fully researched. Many of these compounds have been shown to have medicinal value and we believe, with more research, they can provide treatments for for many different ailments.

Our vertical integration gives us the unique opportunity to compete in this industry at multiple points. The overall strategy that we are executing affords us a dynamic approach into the expanding yet fragmented market.

Meet the Team

We have assembled a uniquely qualified team of directors and officers. We are dedicated to furthering the developments of research involving Hemp based therapies, agricultural practices, marketplace and logistics. Each of us are excited to be a part in this rebounding industry and look forward to any questions you may have.

Carl J. Murphy

Founder & CEO

CJ Murphy was the Owner/Operator of True Earth Medicine, one of the first Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in the United States.

Brandi Barattini

Executive Vice President

Brandi Barattini provides support to all Directors of the company and is directly responsible for leading our Information Coordination Strategy.

Jennifer Wageman

Acting CFO

Jennifer has an extensive background in Finance and Accounting. She is the current acting CFO for Cannagenics Inc.

Next Steps...

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