Innovative Therapeutics

Creating Innovative therapies backed by Scientific Research and Development.

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Organic and Sustainable

PharmaFields is a producer of Industrial Hemp for Research and Development.

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Secure Transactions

Connecting farmers and businesses with security in transactions to ensure the Industrial Hemp Market of tomorrow.

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Opportunity knocks

Founded in 2017, Cannagenics Inc is dedicated to providing support for businesses that are involved with Industrial Hemp. From tax preparation and payroll services to product development and distribution Cannagenics Inc. offers industry wide solutions.

Our unique portfolio of vertically integrated and segmented businesses allows for diversification in the rapidly growing Industrial Hemp Market.

It is our vision that through the Industrial Hemp resurgence, and in combination with our strategy, that we can create a more efficient and secure Hemp Marketplace, that we can produce in a sustainable and organic manner, Industrial Hemp and that we can create products that might enrich the lives of millions.


Next Steps...

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